Creating a ReelMe account is easy. Head over to ReelMe and look for the “Sign Up” button in the top right hand corner. Click and follow the prompts. Please ensure that you use a valid email address when signing up.
If the username you want is unavailable, you will need to think of a different username. Make is something memorable and catchy!
No, we do not have any rules in place around your header of avatar image. Yes, this means you can have nudity if that is what you want.
Check your email to see if your account has been flagged. Your account may have been flagged due to inappropriate conduct/violation of our Terms of Service. If there has been a previous instance where there was a violation that resulted in account closure, your new account my be closed too. If you believe that this has occurred in error, please contact and we will work through this with you to get you back up and running. You may be required to provide evidence to assist us with the matter.
Within your account settings there is an option to permanently delete your account. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE THIS IS DONE, IT CANNOT BE REVERSED.

If you are a Content Creator thinking a break from posting content but think you may want to come back later, get in touch with ReelMe support and we can put your account on hold as opposed to fully deleting it.
We will send an email to your nominated email address. Follow the instructions to verify your email address. Emails can get a little lost sometimes, make sure to check your spam folder just incase it’s sitting in there.

Privacy & Account Security

There are two ways you can report. You can either report a post or report an account. Where you see three dots in the top right corner of an account or a post, click and follow the prompts.
You have the ability to block content from another ReelMe user. This will prevent them from interacting with you. Click on the three dots on a post or users account and click “Block”
Our geo-blocking features gives you that extra level of privacy if that's what you are after. In your privacy settings, you will find the option to prevent your profile from appearing in certain Countires. 
Within your account, go to your settings and select change password. You will need to enter your current password and new password. Make sure that you keep your password safe and tell no one.
Under the password field on the login page, click the button “Forgot Password”. An email will be sent to the email address linked to your account. Follow the steps to set up a new password and you will be back on ReelMe in not time!

General Questions

This is one of the most comment questions we receive. There is no ReelMe app and there are no plans to create one. works on smartphone and tablets as this is where majority of internet use now occurs. This also allows us to make required changes to our software without you needing to do a single thing. If you easily want to access and treat it like an app, we have a solution for you. Head to in your internet browser of choice and add it to your homepage/screen.

iPhone / iPad
- Open Safari on your iPhone and navigate to
- Click the "Share" icon at the bottom. This looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards.
- Select the "Add to Home Screen" icon.

- Open Google Chrome and navigate to
- Tap on the "Options" icon. It may look like three vertical dots at the top.
  • Click "Add to Home Screen”.
ReelMe requires your email address to ensure that notifications, password resets and updates can easily be communicated to you. It is not provided to anyone else.
If you need to change the email address associated with your profile, this can be done at anytime through your settings. Notifications sent to you range from expiring subscriptions, renewed subscriptions, new subscribes etc.

Fan Questions

This section outlines any queries you might have as a ReelFan. If you have a specific question that has not be addressed, please get in touch with us at and we will be more than happy to help.


By subscribing to a Content Creator, you are granted access to the exclusive photos and videos being posted for you by your favourite Creators. You will also be able engage directly with them through direct message as well as a range of other features.
You are going to need to add a credit card to your account.
Once you have found the Content Creator you wish to subscribe too, click “subscribe”.
A charge will occur once you have subscribed, the cost of the subscription is clearly displayed prior to purchase with associated sales tax.
Once payment is proceeded (which is immediate), you will have access to all posted content on the creators ‘Subscription’ profile. This is for past content and future content for the length of the subscription period you have selected.
Your paid subscription will be active for one calendar month from the date of purchase (unless you purchased multiple months).
If the account shows as “Free” with no subscription fee, there will be no charge to the card on your account.
There are a few ways you can find a Content Creator.
1) On the search page, there is a field to enter the username of the content creator if you happen to know it. 
2) Scroll through the photos and videos on the search page that have been posted by Content Creators. You can explore these and find new profiles to subscribe to and follow.
Free trails may be released by Content Creators from time to time to give you a taste of what subscribing to their profile will provide you. At the end of the free trial period which lasts for the nominated period set by the creator, your subscription will renew at the monthly amount set by the Content Creator. If you want, you can cancel the subscription prior to the free trial period ending from within "My Subscritpions".
There may be a few reasons why you cannot subscribe to a Content Creators profile.
1) Ensure that you have verified your email,
2) Ensure your web browser is up-to-date. We recommend Google Chrome.
3) Ensure that your credit card is valid
If none of these solve the issue, please reach out at
Please note that subscriptions are non-refundable.
If you want to cancel your subscription to a Content Creator’s profile, go into the menu and click "My Subscriptions". From there, you can cancel the subscriptions you no longer wish to proceed with. This does not refund any of the time left on the subscription but ensures the next billing cycle you will not be charged. Up until your subscription end date, you will still have access to content posted.
All subscriptions by default are set to auto-renew. This is for paid and free subscriptions. If you want to turn off auto-renew, go the "My Subscriptions" in the menu and cancel the subscriptions don't wish to proceed with.
Subscriptions will not auto-renew if:
1) The credit card on your account was declined/expired
2) If the subscription price has increased
3) Auto-renew was disabled by you.
Make sure you have a valid credit card added, review your account and try to subscribe again.
All purchases on ReelMe are non-refundable and final. This applies to subscription, tips and premium messages. At any point in time, you can unsubscribe and you will not be billed for the next billing cycle. You will have access to the 'subscription' content until the subscription lapses.
If you believe a refund is warranted, please reach out to
ReelMe maintains a policy wherein chargebacks are not transferred to Content Creators. As long as a Content Creator delivers the purchased content to a ReelFan, it is considered that the Creator has fulfilled their obligation. In cases where multiple chargebacks are initiated against a Creator, an investigation will be conducted to ascertain the reasons behind such occurrences. However, our support team approaches these situations without presuming wrongdoing on the part of the Creator. Additionally, ReelFans who unjustly request chargebacks against Creators will face permanent suspension from the ReelMe platform.
If you engage in a direct message chat with a Content creator and no premium posts (this does not include tips) have been purchased, once the subscription has expired, the chat will disappear.
Free trial subscriptions
Creators can set the discount rate of their subscription to free. Once the 30 day free trial is up, the subscription will be billed at the regular monthly amount unless the fan has cancelled auto-renew.
Discounted subscription
Content creators can run a promotion discounting their monthly fee. Once this month is up, a subscriber is then billed at the full monthly fee as the default setting is to auto-renew on a paid subscription. The discounted rate is only valid for the nominated timeframe set by the content creator.
Content creators can not offer a price lower than $3/month for a promotion.


Accepted payment methods:
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Maestro/ Debit cards
  • Some Prepaid Visa cards
Not accepted:
  • Prepaid cards 
  • Gift cards
  • PayPal
The credit card descriptors will say: “ReelMe" or “" or some variation, but will always have “ReelMe" or "RM" in the descriptor. Segpay will also be included as part of the descriptor as our payment proccessor.
ReelMe implements steps where we can to prohibit the use of a stolen credit card to protect you.
3D secure checkout is one more way to do this. You mayl be prompted by Visa or Mastercard to confirm the purchase with a temporary verification code. If your card cannot be authenticated, payment may not be able to go through.
All prices on ReelMe are shown in USD. Currency conversion is carried out at the bank level and ReelMe has no say in this.
All charges to Credit Card are in USD. ReelMe uses a secure and encrypted third-party payment processor for transactions.
There may be times where additional verification maybe required when making purchases. This is all to safeguard you in an attempt to prevent a card from being stolen and used.
In the event that there have been unsuccessful purchase attempts, you may see pending charges appear on your statement. These should disappear without intervention between 5-7 days from the attempted purchase. Please wait at least 7 days to reach out for the pending charge to disappear before you get in touch.
ReelMe will attempt the transaction up to 3 times.
Failed Transactions could be due to:
Incorrectly entered credit card details by you
Insufficient funds in your account
Incorrect address
If you have reached your daily limit set on your account by ReelMe. Limits reset daily.
A limit for internet transactions set by your bank or credit card provider. ReelMe is unable to provide further information on this if your banking institution is blocking your purchases. You should inquire with the issuer of your card. 
If you have used a proxy or VPN to access ReelMe, your bank could have an IP verification system that restricts purchases. You will need to contact your bank to see why your card was declined.
If you feel that the above reasons to not apply to you, delete your credit card and re-add it. If this does not resolve the matter, please contact
ReelMe does not allow the use of third-party payment systems. This is prohibited due to anti-money laundering laws and KYC “Know Your Client” rules.
Additionally, arrangements for offsite payments are prohibited.


At the top right of a post you will see a tip button. Click this and enter the amount and a message if you wish to the Content Creator.
Another way you can tip is when you are on the Content Creators profile, the large ‘$’ symbol at the bottom of the page brings up the tip feature.
You can also tip content creators during live streaming.
As with subscriptions, tips are non-refundable as well as payment for premium posts or private messages.
When entering an amount, please make sure you check before proceeding with payment.
If a ReelFan sends a tip for a video, image or chat and the Content Creator does not provide the agreed content, what does the ReelFan do?
ReelMe are unable to provide a refund in these cases. Private messages and tips are deemed to be voluntary contributions. The Content Creators on ReelMe are wholly responsible for their content. ReelMe cannot guarantee or influence activity carried out by Content Creators. Creators can be contacted directly if such a matter arrises. Please let us know if such an occurrence arrises via email at
ReelMe limits the amount for a single tip. This is set to $100 for a new user and $200 for a user that has been on ReelMe for more than 3 months.
ReelMe Users may spend up to $500 per day. This increases the longer that a user has been on the platform.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Value Added Tax is a tax added to the value of goods or services purchased in the UK (United Kingdom) and EU (European Union). The specific rate of tax varies by country. The tax is added to the price at time of purchase. The VAT is then paid directly to the appropriate tax authority.
The VAT amount is determined by the Country where the sale occurs. Rates can be viewed in the table below (this list is not exhaustive and is correct at as of 15 August 2020). These rates apply to subscription purchase, tips and premium posts.

Country Value - Added Tax Rate
Austria - 20%
Belgium - 21%
Bulgaria - 20%
Croatia - 25%
Cyprus - 19%
Czech Republic - 21%
Denmark - 25%
Estonia - 20%
Finland - 24%
France - 20%
Germany - 16%
Greece - 24%
Hungary - 27%
Ireland - 23%
Italy - 22%
Latvia - 21%
Lithuania - 21%
Luxembourg - 17%
Malta - 18%
Netherlands - 21%
Poland - 23%
Portugal - 23%
Romania - 19%
Slovakia - 20%
Slovenia - 22%
Spain - 21%
Sweden - 25%
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland - 20%

*Note: Rates listed above are based on information provided by the European Commission.
Only purchases made from a country which charges VAT will be subject to the country rate.
Any content purchased on ReelMe will have VAT added if the purchase occurs in a country that charges VAT. This applies to subscriptions, tips and premium post purchases.
ReelMe does not keep any VAT. All VAT collected by ReelMe is paid in full directly to the appropriate tax authority.
If you have any further questions in relation to VAT, please don’t hesitate contacting us. Send us an email at

USA (Sales Tax)

Sales tax is not applied in all states and will depend on the purchase being made. If sales tax is required, the amount will me made clear prior to purchase.

Note: states that require sales tax apply their own rate and will differ. Sales tax is not kept by ReelMe and is pass on in full to the relevant local Government.
As tax laws have evolved, some US States have deemed Digital content as a taxable item. This is something that ReelMe has no control over and has a legal responsibility to charge the required sales tax and pass it onto the Government.
In certain states, tipping a Content Creator is not deemed to be taxable. Subscriptions/ Premium Posts and Streaming are taxable however in some states.
The % of Sales Tax depends on the state where the Fan makes the payment from. Rates vary between 4 - 11%. Reel Me stays on top of what the rates are and makes the required changes when necessary to ensure that Fans do not pay more in Sales Tax than is required.

Global Sales Tax

A large number of countries have implemented laws that require “online marketplaces” to apply Sales Tax to purchases. Depending on where you make a purchase from, Sales Tax/ VAT/ GST or the local equivalent will be applied to your purchase and passed onto the relevant tax authority. Sales tax may or may not be applied dependant on where you are located and the purchase being made. Below is a list of current Sales Tax/ VAT/ GST or the local equivalent is required to be paid and passed onto the relevant tax authority. ReelMe continually monitors tax rates and will ensure below is kept up to date.

Country Tax Rate
Chile - VAT - 19%
Japan - Consumption tax - 10%
Mexico - VAT - 16%
New Zealand - GST - 15%
Norway - VAT - 25%
Quebec - QST - 9.975%
Russia - VAT - 20%
Saskatchewan - PST - 6%
Singapore - GST - 7%
Switzerland - VAT - 7.7%
Taiwan - VAT - 5%
UK / EU countries - VAT - see Value Added Tax
USA - Sales Tax - see USA Sales Tax
This section outlines GST requirements on sales made by ReelFans located in Australia. When GST is applied to a payment this will be made clear to you prior to purchase.
Australian Tax law states that GST is applied to any purchase that relates to ‘any form of supply whatsoever’, digital content included.
If a purchase is made by an Australian Fan to an Australian Content Creator, there will be no GST applied. However, if a purchase is made by an Australian Fan to a Content Creator outside of Australia, GST will be applied to the purchase, based on the type of purchase made. Under Australian Tax Law, GST will not be applied to tips paid by Australian Fans to Content Creators outside of Australia.
GST is charged at 10%, should the purchase be subject to GST.

Content Creator Questions

Information below should answer all your question in relation to becoming a Content Creator on ReelMe. If there is a question that you have that has not been addressed, please contact and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

How can I post content?

Becoming a Content Creator depends on what Country you are from. Once you have set up your profile, check the list of Countries in the ‘Add Bank’ section to determine if you can become a Content Creator on ReelMe. If the Country your bank is in is not on the list, as this point in time you cannoy join ReelMe as a Content Creator.

If your Country is not on the list, reach out and we will let you know when we plan on opening up content creation to you.

Earnings & Payouts

Earning on ReelMe is easy. Follow the steps below and you will be on your way:
- In the menu, click ‘Become a Creator’. You will be required to verify your identity and add a valid bank accound or e-wallet (Paxum). Please ensure that it is in your own name.
  • Ensure that the Bank Account is from the same Country as the ID you have used to verify your identity.
  • An e-wallet can be added as an alternative to a bank account.
  • For US Content Creators, your W-9 form will need to be completed between now and the end of the financial year. 
  • You will need to ensure that your account is verified. This is done through verifying your ID.
  • Set your subscription price
Different payout options are made available to you based on your location.
On your ‘Insights’ page, as a Content Creator you will be able to see what you have earned. You will see a pending balance, this is what has been earned in the last 7 days. After this time, funds can be withdrawn provided that the minimum withdrawal amount is met.
For Content Creators in a small number of countries that record high levels or reversed transactions, a longer Pending balance of 21 days is set. After 4 months, this will be reviewed and if appropriate, lowered to the 7 day pending balance.
While our terms of service state that refunds are not provided, this unfortunately does not prohibit a ReelFan from making a claim to their credit card company. If there is a refund or chargeback request, this will be communicated to you.
Creators receive 90% of the purchase price on subscriptions, premium posts, tips and livestream related revenue.
The remaining 10% covers, payment processing, hosting, support, and all other services.
Your ID may be out of date. In the event that this is the case, re-verify yourself and this should allow payments to go through. If this does not resolve the matter, please reach out to and we will work through this with you.
It can take from 3-5 business days for funds to hit your bank account. In rare cases, it can take 10 days. ReelMe has no control over this. However, if 10 days have passed and you still have not received the funds, please contact In this email please provide us with a copy of your most up to date bank statement. We must be able to see the account details and proof that the funds have not made it to the account.
For bank wire transfers outside the USA, request your Destination Trace ID from support for the deposit ReelMe has issued. This will then need to be provided to your bank in order to trace the wire.
In most cases the minimum withdrawal amount is $50 USD for Content Creators within the USA. For creators outside the USA, the minimum withdrawal amount can be seen on the banking page based on your chosen withdrawal method.
At this current point in time ReelMe only offers manual payouts. You click the “Request withdrawal” button on your insights page and nominate the amount you would like to withdraw and method of withdrawal; Bank or Paxum.
We arrange for a payment run to be carried out daily so you can get your funds as quickly as possible!
Contact in order to request a payout cancellation. In your email, please include a date and time of the payout request and the amount. This information can be found in the ‘Statements’ section of your profile. Please note that we will do our best to cancel the payout however there is no guarantee this can be done in time.
This would most like be due to incorrect bank account details having been entered. We recommend deleting the bank account details and re-entering them. If you find that the issue still persists, please contact us through and we will help you out.

Payouts may have also been suspended due to suspicion of fraudulent activity or ReelMe Terms of Services have been breached.

Please get in contact at if funds are still not coming through. We will work through this with you.
When funds are transferred, that is the exact amount in USD sent through to you. Your bank could charge you a currency conversion fee or transfer fees to receive money. There could also be a charge from your e-wallet company for accessing money. ReelMe has not control over the currency exchange rates or any charges for your bank or e-wallet company.
First you will need to fill out the W-9 form. This is currently being built into the system. Once it is fully functional, a notification will be sent out for you to fill out the form. You can still post content and earn money before the form is filled out. We will keep track of everything for you.

ReelMe will provide an IRS Form 1099 for United States Content Creators if they have earned or withdrawn more than $600 USD in the previous tax year. The form will be sent via mail to the address provided on your W-9 form. Please ensure that you keep your address details up to date to ensure that you receive tax documents. A digital copy of the 1099 form will also be made available in your profile. Proof of your income from ReelMe can be found in your Insights page.
ReelMe does not allow the use of third-party payment systems. This is prohibited due to anti-money laundering laws and KYC “Know Your Client” rules.
Additionally, arrangements for offsite payments are prohibited.


On your profile there is a ‘$’ at the bottom of the page. ReelFans click this to open up a tab that allows them to enter a tip amount.
ReelFans can also click the ‘Tip’ button at the top your posts also.


In order to be able to offer content for sale, you must verify yourself. At the bottom of the menu there is a 'Become a Creator' button. Click this and follow the prompts. You will need to provide a Government Issue ID and a selfie will also need to be taken. Your ID and selfie are then analysed to ensure that you are who you claim to be. You must be 18 years or older to upload content, whether for free or for sale.

Once approved which is done in a matter of minutes, you will have the ability to upload content to your Free, Subscription and Premium Content Profiles.
A Content Creators account will be paused if they do not post any content for a period of month. When your account is paused, new fans will not be able to subscribe to your account. Once you recommence posting, your account will be reactivated and allow new subscribers.
On ReelMe, your free profile, subscription profile and premium post profile are combined into one. That way, it is easy for your ReelFans to have access to all your content in one place. There is no need for multiple pages. Please ensure all content abides by ReelMe’s terms of service.
- Subscription profiles require ReelFans to pay your nominated subscription fee to access your subscription content.
- Free profiles let ReelFans access your free content by following you. Content posted to your free profile is also shared to the search page allowing you to organically grow your ReelMe ReelFan base. ReelFans can also tip within free profile as well as view live streams (for a fee set by you).
- Premium Profile is additional content that can be accessed by ReelFans with a one off purchase that is always available for them to access. 
Yes, we do allow adult content and nudity on the ReelMe platform. However, all content posted must abide by our “Acceptable Use Policy” which can be found in the ReelMe ‘Terms of Service’
ReelMe does allow you to add links to your other social media profiles. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and your Amazon Wishlist.
Content is wholly owned by the Content Creator and no one should be able to claim your work as their own. We take theft of content very seriously.
Within your bio, the copyright terms of services is added by default as a means of protecting your content. We advise that this is not removed or if you do so, replace with your own terms expressing the content is yours and yours alone.
If you find that your content has been stolen, please contact ReelMe immediately at along with as much detail as possible.
For reported stolen content on ReelMe, the post in question will be removed until an assessment has been carried out. For content posted on other websites, ReelMe has no control over their actions however ReelMe will advocate on your behalf to have to content removed.

Page and Account Settings

Free Profile: For ReelFans who have a ReelMe account, anyone can view your free profile.
Subscription Profile: ReelFans that have paid to access your subscription profile can view your content. For those who have not paid the monthly subscription fee, your content is blurred.
Premium Post Profile: ReelFans will be able to view a Premium Post if they have paid the one off fee to access the post. The content is non-downloadable and payment for access to the content does not provide ownership of the content but merely the right to view it. For those who have not paid, the content is blurred.

If you geo-blocked a Country or State, your profile will be hidden from this region.
The following details are presented on your profile
  • @username
  • Avatar with header image
  • Number of posts, likes followers
  • Social media links
  • Number of photo and video posts
If you want, you can hide your profile from certain countries to safeguard your privacy. This facility can be accessed through your 'Preferences'.


Industry rules have changed and it is now a requirement you do not have anyone else in your ReelMe content unless they have gone through the verification process or you have written consent. If they have a profile, when uploading content, please tag them with an @ and their username. If they do not have an account, we request that they set one up. In the event that they cannot set up an account, you must provide a copy of their photo ID and release documentation prior to content being posted. Ensure that you keep a copy of this as it can be requested.
Download the form
If you want content to be removed that you are depicted in, please send an email to
Please provide information as to why you are requesteing the removal of the content. If this is found to be reasonable, ReelMe will remove the content in question.

Promoting your ReelMe Profile

Post and Post often! We recommend posting on your free profile as much as possible also. When content is posted on your free profile, it is also shared on our search page. This allows ReelFans to organically come across your profile and gives you the chance to increase your following.
We also recommend posting your ReelMe link on your other Social media platforms and let them know when your posting new content.
. You first need to ensure you have your standard monthly subscription price set
. Click the orange “+” icon at the bottom of the page
. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the flash sale section
. Set the discount level you wish to set, the number of discounted subscriptions you wish to offer and the period of time the flash sale is to go for.
. The flash sale will go live immediately and be shown on your profile. As offers are claimed, the number will decrease showing how many are left.
. The promotional subscrption only lats 30 days at which point the ReelFan will be rebilled at the full monthly price unless the cancel the subscription.
You can set your subscription price to free as a means of gaining new ReelFans and giving them sample of what a subscription with you would be like. A free trial only lasts for 30 days. To set up a free trail, it is the same process as setting up a flash sale, but in this case, you set the price to free.

Referrals Programe

At this point, ReelMe does not offer a referral program. If there are any changes to this, we will notify our Content Creators via notification.

Technical Questions

On ReelMe, your monthly subscription price can fall between $4.99 and $50. You also have the option to create bundles at discounted rates to entice ReelFans to subscribe for more than one month at a time. The maximum bundle price you can set is $250.

For Flash Sales, you can set your price as low as free for a 30 day period.
There are minimum and maximum limits in place for subscriptions, tips, premium posts and live streams

Min: $4.99.
Max: $50 (Max bundle price $250)

Min: $5.00
Max: $200 (once a ReelFan has been cleared. First few weeks set at max $100)

Premium Post
Min: $5.00
Max: $100

Live Streaming
Min: $5.00
Max: $100
Only those who are not subscribers are required to pay the live streaming fee
Ensure that your content falls within the parameters outlined below
In a single post, you can include up to 20 photos or videos
Pictures should be sized less than 6000 x 6000 pixels
Video size is limited to 40 GB per video
Supported video formats include like mp4, mov, avi
Next to a post you will see a three-dot button. Click on this and you can edit/delete your post.
You can send out private messages to all of your ReelFans, or an individual ReelFan.
Premium content can be sent out to all of your ReelFans for free or for a nominated price set by you (Min $5, Max $100).
There are no restrictions on how many posts you have recently uploaded that will prohibit you for starting a live stream.
Please ensure that you allow access to your camera and microphone.
We recommend using Google Chrome to stream on all devices, Apple and Android devices. It is our recommendation to stream from a laptop device where possible.
A red, yellow and green dot in the top right of your stream indicates to you and your viewers the strengths of the internet connection.
At this point in time, ReelMe does not offer co-streaming.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax added to the value of goods or services purchased in the UK (United Kingdom) and EU (European Union). The specific rate of tax varies by country. The tax is added to the price at time of purchase. The VAT is then paid directly to the appropriate tax authority. Note that VAT does not have an impact on the 85/15 purchase split between the Content Creator and ReelMe. The VAT is paid by the ReelFan, if they reside in a Country where VAT is applicable.
ReelMe does not keep any VAT. All VAT collected by ReelMe is paid in full directly to the appropriate tax authority.
Following our change in VAT treatment implemented on 1st of July 2020, ReelMe is responsible for the collection of VAT where applicable, in respect of payments from ReelFans.
ReelMe will pass on the VAT in full to the relevant authorities. At this point in time, there are no responsibilites for the Countires that ReelMe Content Creators operate in to pass on any VAT.
ReelMe will collect the required VAT on sales from UK/EU based ReelFans and pass this directly on to the relevant tax authorities. There is nothing else to do at this time. However, we recommend you seek professional advice to ensure you are compliant with your local rules based on your individual circumstances.
At this current point, ReelMe does not accept Content Creators from the UK.

USA Tax Information

All US Creators will receive a 2021 1099 NEC document if they have earned and withdrawn over $600 dollars in the 2021 calendar year.  Copies will be filed with the IRS and mailed to Creators to the address on file. For a digital version will be emailed to the email address on file.
Please be advised if you have earned the minimum of $600 in payouts in the calendar year you will receive a 1099 NEC in January 2021 to the mailing address that is on your W9 tax form as of December 31, 2021. Additionally, the form will be available electronically in the “Add bank” section.
The tax form required for your earnings on ReelMe is a 1099 NEC Form
You have up until the 31st of the December of the tax year to update your W-9 form. After that time, form 1099 NEC is filed with the details that you have provided. In order to have an amendment made, please contact
Please email and we will investigate with our tax team and keep you updated as soon as the issue is resolved.